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Raw Footage of Aggressive Bobcat Charging Turkey Hunter [VIDEO]

Imagine hunting for turkeys in the dense woods when suddenly a bobcat charges you. It’s just as scary as you might think. 

Walking around in a wooded area can be unnerving. You never know what you might find or what might find you.

A bobcat surprised this unsuspecting hunter as he pursued a turkey through the woods.


What should you do when a bobcat charges?

Luckily for the hunter, all he had to do was tell the bobcat to “GET!”

In case you missed it, the bobcat charged from the right side of the screen and darted off, heeding the warning. The hunter prevented any more bobcat charges by throwing a few sticks and waving his arms. The hunter could only say one thing after the bobcat ran off:

Holy sh*t, that was close!

Bobcats are small creatures, but they are very aggressive and quick. Many states across the nation are debating the legitimacy of bobcat hunting, and whether or not they need to manage the bobcat population.

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Raw Footage of Aggressive Bobcat Charging Turkey Hunter [VIDEO]