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Age-Old Rivalry Gangsta Rap: Car Camper vs. Survivalist [VIDEO]

Simplistic survivalists have always scoffed at car camping weekend warriors. Watch this rap battle between this age-old rivalry. 

The funny guys from IFHT have released a new sketch parody rap battle between glampers and campers.

Watch the rap and then decide which kind of camper you are.

The rap battle opens up with the lone camper watching birds and remarking about how neat nature is. All of a sudden, the peace and quiet is disturbed by the sounds of a car rolling up filled with kids singing.

The family campers have brought everything with them for a great weekend in the woods. They are the ultimate car camping weekend warriors. The lone camper only has what he needs to survive and was ready to spend the weekend foraging, surrounded with the serenity of the outdoors.

And the battle ensues.

The parodies of both the camping survivalist and the car camper are pretty accurate and hilarious.

The survivalist wears the same underwear, and drinks his own pee. The car camper has a tent he gets lost in, and a cooler to cool his coolers.

But both styles of camping are desirable. Sometimes it is fun to take a weekend with the family and canoe, either in the red one or the blue one, drink some beers and play some games. Other times it is great to disappear deep into the wilderness with only what you need, eating what you find and depending on your survivalist skills.

So are you a glamper or a survivalist? Or the RV man…

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Age-Old Rivalry Gangsta Rap: Car Camper vs. Survivalist [VIDEO]