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African Buffalo Sends Lion Airborne to Save Friend [VIDEO]

An African Buffalo makes a daring move to save one of his own.

Over the years, tourists at South Africa's Kruger National Park have captured some incredible wildlife videos, and this clip from Barcroft Media is no exception.

You're about to see an African buffalo send an lion airborne.

The hungry lion spent nearly 45 minutes stalking a buffalo herd, and when it finally took one down, it was too focused on its meal to see two bulls were coming to save their friend.

One of the bulls trotted right up to the lion, lowered its horns, and launched the lion nearly 5 meters into the air.

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African buffalos, also known as Cape Buffalos, are highly protective of their own. When a member of a buffalo herd is under attack, adult buffalos - typically the bulls - will step in to counterattack.

The most epic instance of this behavior ever recorded is known as "The Battle at Kruger". In that eight minute video - which was also filmed in Kruger National Park - a calf survives an attack by a pride of lions and a crocodile with the intervention of its herd.


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African Buffalo Sends Lion Airborne to Save Friend [VIDEO]