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African Animals Get Drunk off Ripe Fruit Like They’re in College or Something

african animals

You thought humans were more evolved than animals? Guess again.

If you’ve ever watched your friends drink too much and make fools of themselves, you’ll instantly recognize the signs of these African animals: stumbling, falling on their faces, and generally shameful behavior.

You won’t believe how similar we are…especially to the baboons! Check out this hilarious video below and get ready for an epic laugh.

Apparently everyone loves a good fermented marula fruit. I hate when I’m not invited to jungle parties! Humorous sound effects in the video aside, you have to admit it would be hilarious to walk up on a scene like this, wouldn’t it?

How did the people filming this video not lose it watching a baboon with a hangover? That hurting monkey is just repeating to itself, “I didn’t eat that many, I swear” and “I will never eat marula fruit again.”

If you’ve ever had an apple tree in your yard, you’ve probably seen this process happen. Sometimes you can’t keep up with the fruit that has fallen on the ground, and it slowly ferments, turning the sugars in the fruit to alcohol.

If you’re lucky, you can sometimes see squirrels getting apparently drunk in your yard. Same concept.

If you want to try fermented marula fruit for yourself (you know, to see what all the fuss is about), you can find it online on some specialty stores.

But take a cue from these African animals – limit yourself to just a few marula fruits. They go down smooth, but they’ll sneak up on you and pack a punch.

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African Animals Get Drunk off Ripe Fruit Like They’re in College or Something