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African Animal of the Week: Mountain Reedbuck [PICS]

mountain reedbuck featured
All images, unless specified, courtesy of Big Game Hunting Adventures

The mountain reedbuck is a small species of antelope found in mountainous areas of Africa. Keep reading to learn about mountain reedbuck hunting in Africa.

The mountain reedbuck is a beautiful antelope that is a significantly underrated trophy in Africa. Though they are relatively common across their distribution, they are only found in a few countries. Due to this, many hunters have never even heard of the mountain reedbuck, which is a shame because they are a challenging and satisfying animal to hunt.

Mountain Reedbuck Description

Scientific Name: Redunca fulvorufula

Mountain reedbuck are a small species of antelope that is found across portions of southern and eastern Africa. Though some are found in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania, they are similar to blesbok in that the vast majority of mountain reedbuck hunting these days occurs in eastern South Africa.

Mountain reedbuck are relatively small, larger than most of the species in the Tiny 10, but smaller than impala. Full grown mountain reedbuck stand about 30 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh about 60 pounds. Their coat consists of reddish brown hair and they have a white belly.

Though they are occasionally found at lower elevations, mountain reedbuck usually live in the wooded areas located in the mountainous regions of South Africa and are often found in the same areas as nyala. They are both browsing and grazing animals and are typically found in small herds of 5-6 animals consisting of a dominant ram with several ewes. Young rams usually live in small bachelor herds until they are old enough to challenge a dominant male for breeding rights.

Mountain Reedbuck Sex Determination

Rams (males) and ewes (females) are easy to tell apart. Only rams have horns and they are slightly bigger in the bodies than ewes.

mountain reedbuck male female

Recommended Calibers for Hunting Mountain Reedbuck

Like the steenbok, mountain reedbuck are small, fragile animals with hides that are easily ruined by high-velocity bullets. Because of this, cartridges like the .243 Winchester and 6.5mm Mauser are both good cartridges for hunting mountain reedbuck. The .270 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington, .308 Winchester, and .30-06 Springfield are also great choices.

Because they are such small animals, hunters going after mountain reedbuck with archery equipment can get away with using a light archery setup with an arrow weighing around 300 grains shot from a bow with a 45-pound draw weight.

Mountain Reedbuck Shot Placement

When hunting mountain reedbuck, I recommend aiming for the heart and lungs and trying to avoid the shoulder blade at all costs. If your shot is placed properly, the bullet will cause minimal damage to the animal’s hide and the animal will not run very far. If you hit the shoulder blade, there is a very good chance that the bullet will cause extensive damage to the animal’s hide.

When the mountain reedbuck is standing broadside, aim slightly behind the shoulder and about one third of the way up the body.

mountain reedbuck shot placement broadside

Mountain Reedbuck Hunting Methods

Luckily, mountain reedbuck are most active during the day, specifically during the early morning and later afternoon. Because of this, they are most commonly hunted via spot and stalk. Early in the mornings, get into a position where you can use your binoculars to glass promising hillsides in hopes of spotting a nice ram. Then, use all available cover and try to move to within shooting range without being spotted.

Cost to Hunt Mountain Reedbuck

Even though they are not incredibly common animals, there is not that much demand for them among visiting hunters. Because of this, mountain reedbuck are not very expensive to hunt. Their trophy fee varies between different countries and outfitters, but usually ranges from $500-$1,000, with an average of around $900.

Ready to go mountain reedbuck hunting?

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All images, unless specified, courtesy of Big Game Hunting Adventures

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African Animal of the Week: Mountain Reedbuck [PICS]