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Only in Africa: Lion Causes Traffic Jam [VIDEO]

lion traffic jam

Some things are just too strange to believe without seeing with your own eyes. This lion causing a traffic jam in Kruger National Park is a great example.

This young male lion is walking around like he owns the place. Truth be told, he pretty much does. Not only is he an apex predator, but he literally stops traffic everywhere he goes.

Where else in the world can you honestly say you got stuck in a traffic jam caused by a lion?

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So what do you do when you encounter a lion in your car? Use the behavior of most of the people in cars around the lion as an example of what not to do. Roll up your windows, get out of the lion’s way, and quickly move a safe distance away from it.

Though nothing bad happens in this particular case, lions can be extremely dangerous animals and attacks on humans do occasionally occur in Africa. Lions are extremely fast, very strong, and can ruin your day in a hurry if they are so inclined.

Though getting to see one up close in the wild is an awesome experience, things can go wrong quickly if you’re not careful.

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Only in Africa: Lion Causes Traffic Jam [VIDEO]