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Afflictor Solves the Fixed Blade vs Mechanical Broadhead debate

Afflictor Broadheads

The broadhead debate is probably the most heated issue in bow hunting. 

Whether you shoot mechanical or fixed blade broadheads, you probably have a good reason behind your methodology. It’s all good here, to each their own. However, for some it’s enough to start a fight when it comes to best way to take down a deer. Incredibly, Afflictor has come along with something to settle this broadhead debate once and for all.

By now, you probably already have doubled down on your opinion on which style of broadhead is best. With that in mind, get of load of Afflictor’s brand new K2-Hybrid. This revolutionary patented technology is going to change bowhunting for all of us. What you get is a mechanical broadhead upond release from your bow that turns into a fixed blade immediately upon contact.

Here, just see it for yourself.

“Afflictor’s K2-Hybrid design ushers in new disruptive technology to the bowhunting industry and raises the expectations of serious bowhunters loyal to both fixed and mechanical broadhead designs”. Afflictor published in a press release about this hybrid broadhead. “Afflictor guarantees the K2-Hybrid to remain closed in flight and fully deploy immediately upon target impact, or your money back. Let the K2-Hybrid be the reason your next blood trail leads to a happy ending”.

Those are big words and big statements but Afflictor can back it up. With a guarantee like that, what’s the harm in giving it a try and seeing for yourself? You will also get to choose from both 100 and 125 grain options. So yet again, why not?

Who knows, maybe you will discover your new favorite broadhead isn’t one or other but instead, a little bit of both.



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Afflictor Solves the Fixed Blade vs Mechanical Broadhead debate