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Aerial View: Hunter’s Deploy Drone to Assist On Hog Hunt

When in doubt, just start hunting with a drone and look to the eye in the sky to tell you which way to find the hogs.

In parts of the country that are becoming overrun with feral hogs, hunters are looking to use drone technology to help control hog populations.

Watch as these hunters deploy a drone to help aid them on their hog hunting excursion.

Good thinking on utilizing technology to assist and better luck next time with the truck!

With civilian drone usage and implementation a hot focus over the last year, this video helps to demonstrate how this type of technology can help aid in wildlife population control for species that require it.

By using a device that’s able to relay video footage of the ground below and is extremely mobile, hunters can learn about travel patterns and how to effectively target what they’re after in an expedited manner. After all, other than its mobility, how is hunting with a drone used in this circumstance any different from a trail camera?

In certain areas where hogs, coyotes, and other species are becoming either overpopulated or pose an increasing threat, would you support hunters utilizing drone technology if deemed legal by state and local conservation authorities?

For more information about the drone used in the video, check out DJI’s Inspire 1.


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Aerial View: Hunter’s Deploy Drone to Assist On Hog Hunt