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Aerial Fishing with Bows, Bat, and Sword

Asian carp are invasive and annoying. So we are encouraged to take them out by all means necessary, including bats and swords.

If you have been in a boat on a large body of water in the Midwest over the last five years, there is a good chance you have seen these fish. Like silver bullets, these Asian Carp fly out of the water like torpedoes in bunches, and you must keep your head on a swivel.

When you see one, chances are there are more coming. Oftentimes they end up hitting people in the boat and possibly causing injury.

Although they are invasive and annoying, they do offer some great entertainment.

That is what you call good ol’ fashioned redneck fun. Grab some friends and head out to the water for a day of cheap entertainment and laughs.

Nothing like saving our fisheries and the water’s ecosystem one carp kill at a time. Whether by arrow, baseball swing, or sword slice, you are bound to have a good time.

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Aerial Fishing with Bows, Bat, and Sword