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Aerial Bowfishing: Hunger Games for Asian Carp [VIDEO]

“I don’t wanna go fishing” they said. “Fishing is boring” they said. Well, who’s firing arrows into fish as they leap from the water NOW?

Believe it or not, the folks in this Zach Nayden video have found yet another new way to fish.

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Yes, that’s people trying to shoot the flying Silver Asian Carp out of the air with bows and arrows. We’ve covered some Asian Carp related fishing exploits before, but this takes it to a whole new level.

And for just 150 bucks and hour, for up to six people, Point Blank Bowfishing of Peoria, IL, will allow you to shoot arrows at flying Asian monster fish to your heart’s content.

That was a weird sentence to type. Also we think we just came up with the subject of our next screenplay.

So do people actually hit fish with this? Yes, turns out they do. Just the carp, but then again, you can use your bottom-feeding catch to make these recipes, so hey, at least you can eat it.

And as their heavily deathmetal-rocking promo video and slideshow will tell you, you too can easily be the the Robin Hood of killing Asian Carp from a motorboat.

And for the record yes, we agree. Best. First. Date. Ever.

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Aerial Bowfishing: Hunger Games for Asian Carp [VIDEO]