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Advance Your Hunt with These Cool Hunting Apps [PICS]

While you sit around and wait for the next hunting season, check out these hunting apps that will improve your game.

Hunting is a game of precision and these hunting apps make that precision easier to achieve.

Use these apps to track all the information you need from best times to hunt, to weather conditions, to your actual shot.

iSolunar Hunting and Fishing

iTunes iSolunar Hunting & Fishing Times

iSolunar Hunting and Fishing is a great hunting app that gives you up-to-date details for the best time of day to hunt and fish anywhere in the world.

It uses astronomical data from the U.S. Naval Observatory to give you location-specific data on feeding periods and activity levels of animals. The app also gives you sunrise and sunset times.

Primos Hunting Calls

primos calls
Google play Primos Speak the Language

Primos Hunting Calls is the best selling hunting app of all time. In the app, you can select from over 20 interactive calls from a variety of categories such as Turkey, Predator, Elk, Deer, and Waterfowl.

No need to worry about making the right sound because Primos has it covered.

iHunt Journal

ihunt journal
iTunes iHunt Journal

iHunt Journal is an app that allows you to track all of your hunting observations and relevant information and you can get updates on weather and sun, moon, and solunar periods.

As for personal hunting, you can record the type of game you hunted, the weight of your trophy, and the time you hunted. You can take snapshots of certain areas and record coordinates of deer rubs and scrapes so you can plan ahead for your next hunt.



This app actually started out as a photography app. It has turned into a great hunting app because it shows golden hours and blue hours. Golden hours are the first and last hour of sunlight during the day. Blue hours are the period of twilight each morning and eve where there is neither full daylight nor complete darkness.

This is great information to know, as these times of day can be the best time to land a trophy.


iTunes Ballistic

Ballistic is a highly sophisticated tool for the devoted hunting/shooter. It is equipped with a range estimation calculator and a GPS.

But what makes this hunting app so advanced is the fact that it calculates, at any range, the trajectory, velocity, and energy of your shot as well as bullet flight time and wind speed to allow for the best possible shot. It also calculates climate changes such as humidity, barometric pressure, and altitude.


Google play ActInNature Hunting

ActInNature is a great app to use when hunting in a party. It tracks the movement of you as well as others in your party and allows for an extremely safe hunt.

The Capture Map feature tracks your position and orientation as well as the direction and speed your fellow hunters are walking. You can see the distance between you and the rest of the hunters in your party so you can tell if you are getting to close to one another for safe hunting.

You can also store information on ActInNature on hits and other info to look back on to make your next game plan.


iTunes ArcheryPal

ArcheryPal is a hunting app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and is a dream for the bowhunter. It calculates your arrow speed, kinetic energy, and determines if your arrows are properly balanced for optimal flight time and trajectory. It allows you to log your shooting sessions with easy touch placement on a target and calculates your accuracy percentage and tracks it overtime.

If you want to strengthen your hunting skills and track specific hunts, these apps are for you. While you wait for the next season to begin, pull out your phone and download these hunting apps today.

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Advance Your Hunt with These Cool Hunting Apps [PICS]