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Adorable Video of the Day: Baby Bear Bath Time [VIDEO]

Watch Smudge, the baby bear, as he happily takes a bath and splashes in the water. It’s sure to put a smile on your face!

This little halong bear is the last bear born at a bear farm in Nannington, China. The nonprofit group Animals Asia Foundation saved him from what would have been a dreadful life stuck in a cage.

From the looks of it, he is much happier off the farm!

Since this video was posted, this little playful cub is probably now a mature adult bear. I hope he is still as happy now as he is here.

Animals Asia Foundation now has full control over the facility where Smudge was born. The owner decided he no longer wanted to raise bears. Along with Smudge, they took on over 127 other bears.

The Nannington Bear Farm is now a beautiful sanctuary for the bears, as well as an education center for folks to learn more about the bears and the Foundation’s work.

Bear farmers breed and raise these bears to milk them for their bile, which is used in traditional medicines. They often keep the bears in small cages their entire lives, usually up to 30 years. The bears never see the outside world.

Thanks to efforts from Animal Asia Foundation many of these farms are now closed. The Foundation continues to work to save all bears from this fate, so they, like Smudge, can live better a life.

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Adorable Video of the Day: Baby Bear Bath Time [VIDEO]