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Adorable Seal Jumps Into Hunter's Boat For a Hug [VIDEO]

It's the perfect weekend getaway - out on the lake with your buddy duck hunting. What appears to have been a regular day out on the water turned into a shockingly sweet encounter between a hunter and a seal, and the video is truly amazing.

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The video apparently comes from Ocean State Outfitters, who run a sea duck hunting service in the New England area. From their website:

Ocean State Outfitters specializes in sea duck hunting by harvesting mature, trophy Common Eider, Old squaw, diver ducks and all three species of Scoter. Our hunts take place in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and surrounding New England areas where our vast majestic shore-line provides prime habitat for Atlantic Flyway Sea duck hunting.

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It's hard to be certain, but the seal looks to be either a Harbor Seal or a Gray Seal. This is a popular time of year for seal sightings in the area. From WindCheck Magazine:

New England's seals spend each spring and summer in the Gulf of Maine (from Cape Cod to Nova Scotia), their traditional pupping and mating area. Since passage of the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, the seals' populations have grown. Now each winter, when the seals want to "spread out," they have to go farther to find elbow, er, flipper room. Thus, seals' winter ranges now extend down to southern New England, Long Island and New Jersey.

One of the best parts of being an outdoorsman is the opportunity to get up close and personal with nature. This is one of those special moments.

Watch Adorable Seal Jumps Into Hunter's Boat [WARNING: Some strong language in video]:

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Adorable Seal Jumps Into Hunter's Boat For a Hug [VIDEO]