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Adorable Newborn Manatee Twins Are a Rare Sight [PICS]

Manatee twins spotted swimming in the waters of Homosassa Springs, Florida are as rare for their sighting as they are for their birth.

Usually when a manatee mother is nursing her young, she will remain isolated in more secluded areas away from the noise and traffic of human beings. This mother however has been bold enough, for now, to bring her newborn twins out of hiding.


Ivan Vicente, visitor specialist at Fish and Wildlife Services, is saying that the mother will certainly remain in the more secluded sections of Homosassa Springs until such a time when she feels right to show her calves to more coastal areas.

These “water elephants” have been known to reach up to 13 feet in length and weigh as much as 3,000 pounds. Manatees in the state of Florida are protected by federal law and remain on the endangered species list to this day.

There are less than 6,000 known animals left in the wilds of Florida.

Photos via Visit Citrus

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Adorable Newborn Manatee Twins Are a Rare Sight [PICS]