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Adorable Little Girl Catches a Snapper in Miami [VIDEO]

This snapper fishing trip looks like a lot of fun with this little one.

Children can be great companions on a snapper fishing trip, but this little girl probably out shines the rest.

Check out this cute clip of a little girl who has just caught her own snapper while fishing in Miami.

Her father asked her,"Do you like it?" once this little girl caught the snapper with her pink fishing rod. To which she immediately responds,"Yup, take it off now."

That's the epitome of fishing with children for most anglers, they love catching the fish, but you have to do the rest of the job.

Next time you go fishing with little ones remember this girl and her snapper, but keep in mind you will probably have to help them with everything but catching the fish.

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Adorable Little Girl Catches a Snapper in Miami [VIDEO]