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Adorable Husky Puppy Learns to Howl [VIDEO]

Calling all dog lovers! Check out this video, uploaded by patkandiurin, of a tiny husky puppy discovering her voice for the first time.

Despite only being 20 days old, Belka the husky puppy already hears the call of the wild and is getting in touch with her ancestors by howling.

Well, it is more of a squeak at this point, but you get the picture. With a little encouragement from the young man in the video, Belka raises her head to the sky and lets out her best husky puppy howl.

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Belka the husky puppy may not have been able to walk very far on her own when this video was shot, but she certainly showed all the signs of growing up into a great dog. Even the best dogs have to start somewhere and this adorable husky puppy started with a howl.

Have you ever owned a husky? Share your thoughts and opinions on the breed in the comments section below.


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Adorable Husky Puppy Learns to Howl [VIDEO]