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Adorable Baby Elephant Attack in South Africa’s Kruger Park [VIDEO]

Adorable Baby Elephant Attack In South Africa's Kruger Park

These tourists visiting Kruger Park managed to capture this adorable baby elephant attack on video. He was trying hard to be scary, but failed miserably.

Though an attack by an adult elephant can be extremely dangerous, this baby elephant attack captured on video by some tourists in South Africa was adorable and hilarious.

Check out the video to see what I mean.

Life is tough when you are young and trying to be serious. This baby elephant was trying his hardest to be scary and intimidating, but he only got laughs in response.

As you can see by the way he held his ears out to the sides and trumpeted, this baby elephant attack was what is known as a “mock charge.” The young elephant was trying to intimidate the people in the truck and get them to leave and while not actually trying to hurt anyone.

All jokes aside, remember that national parks, like Kruger Park, are not zoos or amusement parks. The animals there are wild and can be dangerous, which is something that many people tend to forget.

Though this baby elephant charge was adorable, an attack by the little elephant’s mother would not have been nearly as funny.

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Adorable Baby Elephant Attack in South Africa’s Kruger Park [VIDEO]