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Adorable Alert: 4-Year-Old Catches His Own 'Hammer' of a Bass

Four-year-old reeling in 'hammer' of a bass will make you want to get your kids out to catch their own. 

There is nothing quite like taking little kids out to catch some bass. They will crack you up, as even small bass seem large in their eyes. Just like this 'hammer' of a bass this little kid reels in.

Four-year-old Caleb Mumphrey's dad took him to a small pond to let him catch some panfish. After noticing the bass chasing the bream they were reeling in he decided to let Caleb try for one.

Sure enough he hooks into what he calls a 'hammer', which is a term the local fisherman call big fish.

It always makes me laugh that kids are so afraid to touch a fish. They will play with the bait, cast their poles, or whatever else, but don't want to unhook the fish once its landed.

This also shows just how perceptive kids are to what we call things or say. He must spend quite a bit of time fishing with his dad for him to already know a slang term for a big fish.

Hopefully little Caleb keeps it up and really does land a big 'hammer'. I hope his dad films it too so we can see his reaction to a three plus pounder on his line.


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Adorable Alert: 4-Year-Old Catches His Own 'Hammer' of a Bass