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What an Adeerable Halloween DIY: How to Be a Deer [VIDEO]

Let’s be honest, Halloween never truly stops being fun.

Whether you’re still bopping around to the adult parties, or taking your kids out on their favorite candy-collection night of the year, any opportunity to play make-believe and dress up is a fun way to relieve stress.

We’ve seen some fantastic hunting and fishing inspired costumes over the years, but putting together an entire costume from scratch is sometimes too time-consuming.

Luckily, makeup is a quick and easy way to play around with costume ideas without fully committing to the idea of wearing something ridiculous all night. This DIY deer makeup tutorial is so easy, it can be completed in under ten minutes.

The best part about this DIY is that it’s fairly cheap to pull off using makeup staples. Each of the supplies can be found at your local pharmacy. I’ve chosen CVS to showcase these low prices.

  • White eyeliner pencil, for $.99.
  • Liquid black eyeliner, for $2.99.
  • Black eyeliner pencil for the eyebrows, for $.99.
  • Bronzer to define those deer cheekbones, for just $3.99.

These items are great staples to consistently have on hand, also. White eyeliner on the inner rim of your eyes can erase any tiredness because it brings out the whites of your eyes, and liquid eyeliner is always fantastic for that fierce cat-eye look for date-night.

Complete your look with brown clothing, or spruce it up, literally, with some tree leaves in your hair. Becoming your prey is the best way to think like them, which might help on your hunt following Halloween.

Or wear camo and just be a floating deer mount, either way the choice is yours!

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What an Adeerable Halloween DIY: How to Be a Deer [VIDEO]