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It All Adds up to Jim Shockey Being a Badass [VIDEO]

Jim Shockey By The Numbers

Most people have heard of Jim Shockey, but few grasp how accomplished of a hunter he is. Check out this video that compiles all of Jim Shockey's achievements.

If you've watched any hunting television shows during the last decade, you're probably familiar with Jim Shockey.

However, this video of Jim Shockey does an excellent job of showing just how impressive his accomplishments are.

Jim Shockey has 88 Safari Club International world records? That's incredible!

There is a reason he is on the list of the best hunters of the last 100 years.

His daughter Eva is an up-and-coming force in the hunting community as well. If she keeps it up, she may even exceed her father's accomplishments one day.

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It All Adds up to Jim Shockey Being a Badass [VIDEO]