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Addicted to Fishing Videos? Help is Here Through [VIDEO]

Severely addicted to fishing videos? Is it becoming a problem?

It’s okay. You’re not alone; and we have good news.
There’s help.

Now there’s a place where you can go watch all your favorite fishing videos and get your fix. At you can explore locations, browse by category, and keep up with the latest videos from everything from fly fishing to spearfishing.

BADFISH just launched to the public this week and are very excited about joining this great outdoor community.

But first…HUGE thanks to everyone in the community that has supported the dream along the way. You are the best.

Here is an example of some rad videos we produce.

So go explore, get out there, and don’t be ashamed…We’re addicted to fishing too.

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Addicted to Fishing Videos? Help is Here Through [VIDEO]