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Add Distance to Your Fly Fishing Cast with Orvis

Let the pros at Orvis show you how to add distance to your fly fishing cast and reach across those rivers.

Getting down the basic fly fishing casts is easier than you might think, it just takes a little dedication and time.

Once you have the basics it is the ability to add distance to your fly fishing cast that will allow you to access some of those hard to reach spots in larger rivers and streams and for you saltwater anglers on those costal inlets. Check out this simple instruction from Pete Kutzer with the Orvis fly fishing school.

A longer cast with a straight back and forward motion while maintaining accuracy will definitely up-your-game for fly fishing and allow you to get those flies out. As you can see from the video, Pete Kutzer works smoothly into a double-haul, which really will add distance to your casting. The double-haul is something that will be covered in the near future with these Orvis tutorials.

One tip I find that always helps my casting is to actually get out and teach someone else the casting basics; it forces you to first practise and then really analyze your own casting mechanics in a critical light so that you are passing on the right-way to a new student to fly fishing.

The other tip is to get professional guide assistance with your casting skills. My wife and I often book a professional guide when fishing new waters and a pro-guide will be happy to give you a few pointers as part of your half-day or full-day outing.


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Add Distance to Your Fly Fishing Cast with Orvis