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Adaptability: How Important is It in Shooting? [VIDEO]

Here’s why adaptability is one of the most vital aspects of proper shooting.

You read Wide Open Spaces. That means you’re not used to being cooped up in some indoor range everyday, or if you are, you’d rather have the choice to jump outside and do some real life shooting.

That’s why this video is for you. You’re faced with all sorts of surfaces and scenarios in the Great Outdoors, and if you don’t adapt, you won’t get your target, whether it’s a tiny egg or a hefty buck.

I wanted to show you why adaptability is a crucial skill for not only shooting, but life! We’ve all had obstacles thrown at us, and those who adapt move forward to find success instead of simply staying stagnate, waiting for their surroundings to conform to them.

Taking trick shots high up on a shaky fallen tree, with a pistol and barefeet to boot… trust me, this is impossible without a high appreciation and understanding of adaptability!

Aim True,

Kirsten Joy Weiss

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Adaptability: How Important is It in Shooting? [VIDEO]