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Adam LaRoche Retires from Chicago White Sox for Surprising Reason

Chicago Tribune

Buck Commander Adam LaRoche retires from the Chicago White Sox after Sox limit his son’s clubhouse presence.

You may know Adam LaRoche as one of the buckmen from the popular television show, Buck Commander. What you may not have known, is that LaRoche, as of now, was the first baseman for the Chicago White Sox. He entered into Major League Baseball in 2004 and joined the Chicago White Sox in 2014 on a two-year, $25 million contract.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “Adam LaRoche walked into the White Sox clubhouse many times over the last year with his teenage son, who became a fixture with the team.” His 14-year-old son, Drake, spent many days in the clubhouse helping out the team with many things from cleaning cleats to picking up equipment, according to the Tribune’s discussion with Center Fielder, Adam Eaton. LaRoche’s wife, Jenn, had made arrangements to balance school and time their son was spending at the clubhouse as LaRoche wanted his son to have a similar experience growing up that he did because LaRoche’s father, Dave, a retired MLB pitcher, brought Adam around when he was young as well.

LaRoche, 36, however seemed to be cut short of his vision for his son as the club announced their decision to limit his son’s time allowed at the clubhouse.

Adam LaRoche Retires Picture of Buck Commander Adam LaRoche
Buck Commander

The players and Sox executive vice president, Ken Williams, held a two hour meeting Tuesday, March 15th, to discuss this issue. Williams told the Chicago Tribune that after the decision, he firmly believes that this is the reasoning behind LaRoche’s decision to retire and forego the $13 million left on his contract.

LaRoche tweeted on March 15th, “Thank u Lord for the game of baseball and for giving me way more than I ever deserved! #FamilyFirst”. Following LaRoche’s tweet many people took to support the 2012 Golden Glove Award winner, who was also a 2014 Golden Moose Award winner, by retweeting and sharing their thoughts using the hashtag #FamilyFirst.

Friendly support from retired Atlanta Braves 3rd baseman, Chipper Jones who also co-own’s and co-host’s Major League Bowhunter, soon made waves on twitter with his reply to the situation. His tweet and the situation as a whole, caused much controversy.

Jones tweeted, “Big ups to my boy @e3laroche for standing up for his beliefs. We play a GAME! Good for you brother. #FamilyFirst

The tweet caught much flak as many responded with words of disagreement. The controversy mostly came from the belief that the MLB is a place of employment and should be treated as such. The idea of being able to bring your children to work every day with you, is not normal, according to many who disagreed on Twitter.

The controversy may continue on for weeks to come, but there is no doubt this will allow more time for LaRoche to spend more time with his family and focus more on his E3 Ranch in Fort Scott, Kansas. LaRoche told The Morning Sun in an article from 2009, that, “If it wasn’t for baseball, I would never leave [Fort Scott].”

Proof, from his 2014 Golden Moose Award, that he is a “Fan Favorite, Best Host“, we can only hope to see more of him in the tree stand in front of the camera, as Adam LaRoche retires and trades in his baseball jersey and cleats, for his camouflage jacket and hunting boots.



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Adam LaRoche Retires from Chicago White Sox for Surprising Reason