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The ADAK Camper Trailer Was Built with the Outdoorsman in Mind [VIDEO]

The ADAK company isn't shy about declaring that their rugged yet comfortable camper trailers are designed for outdoor sportsmen. 

This short video tour reveals why ADAK is a leader in the field of camper trailers. It is designed for people who want to pursue outdoor sports in remote locations.

Hunters, fishermen and campers need a camper trailer that is secure, comfortable and durable. They also generally require a good amount of well-designed storage space for gear and supplies. ADAK delivers on all counts.

The ADAK concept combines the design and space-saving features found in luxury motor yachts - which makes sense, as the owner of the company did in fact design and build yachts before founding ADAK - along with the firsthand knowledge of what rugged backcountry camping requires from a camping vehicle.

This particular video tour (you can see more at the ADAK site itself) highlights the spacious and comfortable interior space, as well as a seemingly endless number of storage compartments that are designed specifically for the outdoor sportsman or sportswoman.

One of the appealing features are the pop-up storage chests, padded to hold and protect rifles or archery equipment. Also, with an indoor shower, toilet and sink, your personal hygiene needs are aptly covered.

There is also a full kitchen at the exterior back of the camper, complete with refrigerator, stove and sink. A second inside refrigerator and microwave oven round out the dining appliances.

A flat screen TV only serves to add a level of comfort and luxury not found in many off-road camper trailers.

I am especially impressed with the amount of space of the ADAK. It seems like there's plenty of room to move around and comfortably accommodate several people, in spite of its relatively small size overall.

At around $70k-$80k, the ADAK is certainly not a low-end camper trailer, budget-wise. But its price reflects the quality of construction and the excellent features contained in the unit.

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The ADAK Camper Trailer Was Built with the Outdoorsman in Mind [VIDEO]