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Actually, Americans DO Hunt With ARs. Thanks for Asking! [PICS]

Who says no one will hunt ARs these days?

By Dan Zimmerman via The Truth About Guns

By now you’ve probably heard that no one hunts (or needs to bring down a deer/coyote/hog) with a so-called “assault weapon.” And there’s no tradition of doing so in these United States. We know this because the White House press secretary told us so. For some reason, though, the People of the Gun begged to differ with Josh Earnest’s informed opinion and have sent us pics – actual photographic evidence! – of themselves and some of their pals who have, in fact, put meat on the table using Stoner (or Kalashnikov) inspired long guns. We know…you’re probably as shocked as we are…

To document these black swan events, we’ve created an album of them on our Facebook page, so go check ’em out for yourself. If you’d like to contribute your photographic evidence, just email them to [email protected] and we’ll add them to the stack.

Here are a few more of them just to prove we’re not making the whole thing up . . .





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Actually, Americans DO Hunt With ARs. Thanks for Asking! [PICS]