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Actress From 'Pretty Little Liars' Learns to Shoot [VIDEO]

Shay Mitchell, Emily on 'Pretty Little Liars,' heads to the gun range to learn how to shoot for a secret project.

"Pretty Little Liars" fans are eager to learn why Shay Mitchell, known as Emily on the show, had to learn how to shoot a gun. Mitchell will not disclose any information about the "secret project" other than that her character will need to know how to shoot a gun.

She heads to the range to learn more about how to shoot, hold, and check a gun in hopes that it will help make her scene more realistic. Check out the video of Shay Mitchell's first time shooting a gun.

Before allowing Mitchell to shoot, the instructor goes over the three NRA rules of gun safety followed by a few short lessons with squib rounds. Once she gets to try the real deal, her first shot ends with her putting the gun down immediately and saying "That was really good!"

Through the video, she becomes a little more comfortable and eventually fires several shots in a row to help practice for her upcoming scene.

"In the scene it's going to be like BAM BAM BAM," Mitchell says.

To conclude the video, Mitchell describes her experience and the importance of following all of the steps. She states that she is excited for the opportunity to learn new skills and had a lot of fun shooting.

Although Mitchell says that this is a secret project, fans believe that her character in "Pretty Little Liars" will be using the gun to put an end to the five seasons worth of harassment from "A." But as we all know, A always comes back.

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Actress From 'Pretty Little Liars' Learns to Shoot [VIDEO]