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Actress Details Deer Attack on Letterman [VIDEO]

Maybe getting in front of a buck is more dangerous than this actress expected.

Maggie Q explains on David Letterman that a mature, upset buck is nothing you wish to tangle with. In the video posted by Late Show with David Letterman, the actress tells of jumping on the deer to save her dog and the gory price she paid for her bravery.

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Deer attack mainly because of being surprised or feeling cornered. Sometimes it’s pure hormones, but it sounds like this buck had a pretty good size rack and was aggressive.

David Letterman applauds her bravery but humorously questions her judgment. He finishes with a story of his mild-mannered yellow labrador taking down an adult doe in his backyard.

Maggie Q ultimately learned that when you mess with a buck and you get the antlers. By the way, the deer nor the dog were not harmed during this ordeal. Maggie Q had some broken ribs and went to the ER but has a good attitude about it now.

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Actress Details Deer Attack on Letterman [VIDEO]