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Activists Cut Pennsylvania Hunting Preserve Fence, Boars and Deer Flood the Area

All images via The Pig Farm

There are better ways for activists to show their anti-hunting philosophies than cutting this Pennsylvania hunting preserve fence. 

Activists went a little too far for one Pennsylvania hunting preserve and now potentially destroyed their local habitat forever.

Sometime around January 1st, 2016, Larry Lint, owner of The Pig Farm, found that a giant hole had been cut in the fence of his operation and hundreds of boar and deer had escaped. The current incident is under investigation, but the damage is already done.


“I had one of the biggest, baddest, best whitetail deer herds there are in the state,” Lint said in an interview. “Then some idiot decides they don’t like what I’m doing.”

Therein lies the problems. It’s a common occurrence that non-hunters, anti-hunters, and not to mention animal rights activists, think they are doing good for the animals by their emotional actions, and in turn, potentially destroy other populations of animals for years to come.


In this case, over 150 now wild boars escaped. The far-ranging impact of this on Pennsylvania could be felt for a long time. On top of that, genetically enhanced deer, some which could even have diseases, are now running around the woods. However, hopefully the “idiots” that did this feel good they set a few animals “free”.

I get it. I don’t agree with high-fence hunting either. However, a man’s livelihood has potentially been destroyed, as well as the environmental impact of all those hogs. Luckily, a lot of the hogs have returned on their own.

Normally, I don’t really pay much attention to high fence hunting preserves. It’s a legit form of business for the owner, even if I and others don’t consider it hunting, but to each their own. Hunters and non-hunters alike usually come to the same understanding in this area.

Here’s to fully prosecuting whoever did this.


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Activists Cut Pennsylvania Hunting Preserve Fence, Boars and Deer Flood the Area