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Active Carry Permits in Minnesota Increase by Thousands Over January

Star Tribune

In the month of January, active carry permits in Minnesota increased by 6,000 from December 2015 in response to potential gun control measures. 

In Minnesota, since the turn of 2016, there are “at least 221,712 active permit holders – a 6,189 increase from December 2015,” according to the Minnesota Star Tribune. This marks the second largest increase since 2012 when the Sandy Hook massacre happened. March 2013 saw the largest spike in active carry permit holders based on the federal government’s call for gun control legislation.

While it is common for active carry permits and the number of people taking CCW classes to increase following an event where guns were used negatively, this 6,000 increase is an incredibly huge jump. The gag reflex on the mania to purchase guns, stock up on ammo, and apply for active carry permits always reaches a fever pitch following a call for gun control measures, much like President Obama did in January 2016.

According to the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, about “one in 19 eligible Minnesota adults have a permit to carry.” In six months, the active carry permits in Minnesota has increased by over 20,000, although it should be noted that permits last only five years in Minnesota so there are renewals at play in these numbers, too.

In addition, just because the number of active carry permits in Minnesota has increased, that doesn’t directly correlate relate to gun sales. Many people may have a permit simply to have a permit, should they desire to carry their firearm with them.

As more and more states see a rise in active carry permits and firearm sales, already the year-end report for 2016 will probably outpace 2015 by record numbers.

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Active Carry Permits in Minnesota Increase by Thousands Over January