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ACC Honey Badger: Silent But Deadly [VIDEO]

The ACC Honey Badger is one awesome rifle. 

Advanced Armament Corporations (ACC) Honey Badger is an AR-15 based short barreled rifle that is designed to replace both the Mp5 and the M-4 Carbine.

The rifle is suppressed and chambered in the .300 ACC blackout cartridge. The Honey Badger can be fired in semi-automatic or fully automatic. Wait until you hear just how quiet this rifle is.

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FPS Russia tells us all about this elusive weapon, where to use it and when to use it ("defeat body armor, vehicles... whatever"). He then proceeds to shoot some targets off into the distance to hear the difference between sub-sonic and super-sonic, complete with a smile.

Then FPS Russia battles zombie grinches who are conspiring with Taliban zombies. The ACC Honey Badger is the perfect match. They never had a chance.

"And as always, have nice day."

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ACC Honey Badger: Silent But Deadly [VIDEO]