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This Abandoned Mall in Thailand Is a Giant Fish Tank [VIDEO]

The now defunct New World Mall in Bangkok has become a giant and very surreal fish pond.

The ground floor of the abandoned mall is home to thousands of koi and tilapia. You’re probably wondering how they got there.

The mall was built in 1982, but it only had a short run of 15 years. According to the Bankok Post, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration demolished seven of the mall’s 11 floors after learning the owner had only obtained permits to build 4 floors.

The demolition and a fire in 1999 left the mall without a roof. Over the years, rain water collected on the ground floor, eventually creating a pond with clouds of mosquitoes.

Locals affected by the bug problem introduced fly-eating fish into the water. The fish ate up the flies, but they reproduced at a staggering rate. Here’s what it looks like today:

The abandoned mall’s pseudo fish tank has mostly been a secret among locals, but since pictures of it were posted to Facebook last week, tourists from far and wide have been coming to see it with their own eyes.

Image via Chatpattarasill 

City officials caught wind of the growing number of visitors and erected a barricade around the mall to keep people out, claiming the mall is a health and safety hazard to the public, which it most certainly is.

But, we can’t help but think it would be kind of fun to fish there.

It’s perhaps the only mall in the world that a fisherman would actually want to visit.

What do you think about the abandoned mall’s fish pool? Share your thoughts in the comments section. 


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This Abandoned Mall in Thailand Is a Giant Fish Tank [VIDEO]