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A Wisconsin Fishing Guide Shares His Summer Bass Tips


Hear the summer bass tips that could change your luck, straight from the mouth of a Wisconsin expert.

Wide Open Spaces recently spoke with Captain Drew Grissman of Grissman’s Guide Service in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. He’s been fishing the Winnebago system for more than 20 years, and shared some helpful hints when it comes to summer smallmouth bass.

“In Sturgeon Bay in the summer you can fish the flats, which is made up of sand and rocks, using tubes, spinners and wacky worms,” Capt. Grissman said. “Or move out deep and find the drop offs, then use the same techniques. I prefer tubes then wacky worms then spinners in that order in the summer.”

And what about the specifics? Where in the drop offs will they be?

“In the summer you can find the smallmouth hanging out off the edge of the drop offs on the shoreline. Depending on the day they will be on top of the shallow area of the drop off or right at the edge,” he said. “So I like to start deep and work my way in shallow. Shallow would be 4 to 8 feet, then deep would be 9 to 25 feet. Throughout the day the bass move from shallow to deep a few times chasing bait around, so I like to use my structure scan to find where the bait fish are hanging.”

Small Mouth Bass

Any other pointers?

“I also like fishing the reefs/rock bars in Door County with the same bait; sometimes they are right on top of the reefs feeding, so don’t be afraid to get close,” Grissman said. “I also like to use braided line with a fluorocarbon leader because you need to cast far in that clear water.”

Valuable information, shared by one of Wisconsin’s great fishing operators. Will you use the advice?

Learn more about the local experts and fishing operators with the help of Fin & Field, and you’ll almost certainly find out even more tips and tricks.


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A Wisconsin Fishing Guide Shares His Summer Bass Tips