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A Tree-Climbing Gun Dog Gets the Job Done Every Time

This tree climbing gun dog goes above and beyond the call of duty to recover this ring-necked pheasant.

If you want to see dedication in a retriever watch this tree climbing gun dog refuse to give up on this shot ring-necked pheasant.

Now that dog is what you call 'Bird' with a don't-quit attitude to get the game-bird and return it to its master. This is exactly the kind of qualities every hunter looks for in a gun dog; and once you find a line of hunters like this you are on to something special.

Waterfowl hunters and upland hunters all have that one story of complete dedication and drive from one of their favorite retrievers while in the field or marsh. It is incidents like these that add something special to an outing with your best hunting buddy.

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A Tree-Climbing Gun Dog Gets the Job Done Every Time