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A Texas Aoudad Hunt with Silencers? Yep.

Texas aoudad hunt

Did you even know you could go on a Texas Aoudad hunt? 

The boys over at Silencerco are up to something special in one of their most recent videos to hit the Internet. As you are about to see, they go on a Texas aoudad hunt using silencers just outside of Comstock.

Just as you’ve come to expect, this footage is nothing short of breathtaking.

An aoudad, or otherwise known as a Barbary sheep, is no easy animal to harvest. Native to Northern Africa, they were imported to Texas some time ago and have been thriving ever since. That’s a good thing, too, considering how rare they are back in their homeland. Luckily, these rugged animals have also caught on in parts of Spain and other parts of Africa.

Just as you saw, thankfully, the guys at SilencerCo understand what it means to respect the animal and the hunt. As all hunters know, there’s so much more that goes into it than just the act of killing an animal. It’s a spiritual journey for every hunter. How cool is it when that whole vibe is captured on video?

Keep on the lookout for more videos like this. SilencerCo is just getting started.


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A Texas Aoudad Hunt with Silencers? Yep.