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A Tale of Two Tragedies in Self Defense

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Can having a firearm and knowing how to use it save your life? Here’s very similar examples that end very differently. You make the choice.

Recently, two small towns in Kentucky, about 70 miles apart experienced two tragic and similar events. However, they ended very differently.

In both cases, a woman was accosted by an ex-boyfriend whom they had protection orders against. In both cases, the men had a history of criminal activity and violence. In both cases, the men showed up at the woman’s home.

In both cases, the men were violent, screaming and belligerent. That’s where the similarities end.

The Defender

A woman in Leitchfield, Kentucky (who wanted to remain anonymous), got involved in an ill-advised relationship with a man (Patrick Decker) with a criminal past that included 1st degree rape among other things.

Patrick Decker
Home Facts

The woman soon discovered that Decker was prone to violence and very volatile. She was forced to seek legal recourse and swore out an Emergency Protective Order (EPO) against him.

Decker’s parents lived next door to the woman and in time a judge amended the EPO to allow him to move in with them. He was told to have no contact with the woman or her 11-year-old son.

Then on the night of July 16, he attacked. He began pounding on the walls of her mobile home screaming and hollering. Fearing for her life, she grabbed her gun and her son. Decker then kicked in the door.

When he busted in, she began to shoot with a .22 caliber pistol. At least one bullet hit him in the chest. According to reports, he fled next door and she stepped on the porch and continued firing.

Her attacker fell dead in his parents’ driveway.

The Victim

The night of July 16, 2016 ended very differently for Tara Nicole Simpson Lamer.

tara lamer

She had been in a relationship with a man that would later be charged with two counts of assault and burglary in Taylor County, Kentucky in two separate instances concerning Lamer. He was also had a warrant for his arrest in Scott County, Kentucky for unlawful imprisonment of Lamer.

According to police sources, she was trying to take a stand against the domestic violence. She went to the police and they responded appropriately.

It is believed that on the night in question the assailant, Rocky Ashby, found out about the charges and went to confront Lamer. He showed up at her home in Campbellsville, Kentucky and began screaming and yelling.

According to reports, Ashby began shooting at the house at which time Lamer came out to confront him unarmed. He shot her, killing her on the spot.

Though he fled in a stolen vehicle, he was captured and is currently on a $1 million bond.

The Question

Would the presence of a firearm have saved the second lady? Sadly, we’ll never know.

One thing is for sure though….The handgun saved the life of the other woman and her 11-year-old son. Would he have killed her? That will never be known, but given his violent past and behavior that night, he was bent on hurting her.

It is important to understand that having a firearm is not the most important factor. You must also know how to use it. Seek out qualified instructors and become familiar with the firearm you plan to use.

Similar Situation

About one week after these two incidents, a man in Owsley County, Kentucky was awaken by a knock at his door at 5:00am. He looked out and saw a woman standing on his porch. Unsure of what she wanted, he carried a handgun to the door with him.

When he opened the door, a man stepped out from the side with a pistol. The homeowner, raised and fired at the would-be thief killing him and wounding the woman.

It is unknown what difference a firearm’s presence truly makes since we can’t go back and try it a different way. However, there is little doubt that the results of safety or death was in direct relationship to the presence of a firearm in these instances.



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A Tale of Two Tragedies in Self Defense