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A Summer Fishing Expedition: Where to Go and What to Bring

Ready for that summer fishing expedition? Check these suggestions before you go.

There are a variety of fish species from around the world that hit their peak catching period during the summer season.

Plus, there are so many beautiful havens that boast some of the best fishing in the world and make for great destinations for summer trips.

Here are some of the best places to visit and a guide of what to bring for your extended summer fishing expedition:

Where to Go

Neah Bay, Washington

Out on the picturesque Olympic Peninsula of Washington State lies Neah Bay, which is famous for its stellar salmon fishing. Rent a boat from the Makah Marina  to fish for halibut, lingcod, rockfish, greenling, sea bass or salmon. Be sure you have a Washington state issued saltwater license before you begin your fishing expedition.

Neah Bay boasts more than great fishing game , too.  It offers views of the majestic Olympic Mountain Range behind the rugged ocean, and the waters are home to wildlife like porpoises, whales, seals and sea otters.July and August typically yield the greatest results for chinook, coho and pink salmon fishing.

Yellowstone National Park

anti hunters yellowstone

Go fly fishing in Yellowstone National Park in Montana. Or fish for trout found in destinations, such as Slough Creek, Soda Butte Creek and Gardner Rivers. Yellowstone is home to captivating wildlife, including bison, bears, moose, deer and elk. This makes for a beautiful fishing environment.

A Yellowstone Park Fishing License is required for your trip as is a park pass if you plan to camp in the area. There are a number of guided fishing services, including the acclaimed Yellowstone Angler Guide Service, if you need a little extra guidance during your trip.

Key West, Florida

This corner of the U.S. is one of the best sport-fishing towns in the world. The Key West area serves as a gateway to the Dry Tortugas National Park, which hosts reefs and world-class fishing grounds. The area offers visiting anglers a variety of both inshore and offshore guides and charters. The community and town boast beautiful accommodations, wonderful restaurants and a raging nightlife that centers around the infamous Duval Street.

This is a perfect fishing destination if you are looking to engage with a lively community, rather than have your fishing experience take place in a secluded area.

What to Bring

Whether you are going to bring your own gear or rent upon arrival at your destination, there are a number of items that are essential to making your experience safe and memorable.

First Aid Kit


A simple first aid kit is oftentimes overlooked, but is a crucial item to pack. Purchase an outdoor first aid kit from a sporting goods store like Cabela’s or REI. Then, add your own items to the kit to make sure it has everything you may need. Some extra helpful items to add include sunblock, insect repellent and motion sickness medication.


Outfit yourself for success  by  making sure your apparel is conducive to the elements. For fly-fishing, splurge for the full galosh get-up. To adapt to whatever environment you are in, bring a pair of convertible pants that have detachable panels that unzip into shorts.

Keep your feet and back in great shape with the right kind of outdoor shoes. Look for the kinds that are designed specifically for fishing.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

While you’re on the go, stay connected with portable Wi-Fi from Iridium GO! This device allows you to create an instant Wi-Fi hotspot for up to five devices, so you and your fishing buddies can use fishing smartphone apps or share pictures of your great adventure.

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A Summer Fishing Expedition: Where to Go and What to Bring