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A Rational Approach to Saving Endangered Species [VIDEO]

There are more than 20,000 at-risk species in the world today. How do we decide which ones to protect?

Numerous threatened species on our planet need our help but how do pick which ones survive?

It seems like there may be some bias with the “cute” factor. I’m looking at you, panda bears.

We can’t save all 20,000 species that are at risk of going extinct. We must look at this issue like a medical triage oversees a disaster; that’s a pretty good analogy.

So how should we prioritize? Should we save the rhino that only has 60 individual animals left in the species? Should we save the mangrove that provides an entire ecosystem for numerous animals?

As far as conservation goes, maybe we should stop pouring money into panda protection just because they are damn cute.

Save the pygmy hog-sucking louse!


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A Rational Approach to Saving Endangered Species [VIDEO]