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'A Hunters Prayer' Explains Why We're Blessed to Be Hunters


This short film from the KUIU Film Festival shows why we are all blessed to call ourselves hunters. 

Those that don't hunt tend to think hunters just sit around in tree stands or blinds waiting for a deer to walk over a pile of corn to be shot. Until they go out and experience what we do they will never understand.

They won't get to see or feel the warmth as the sun breaks over the horizon on cold mornings; they don't get to experience all the wonders of nature we see while trekking to our hunting spots; they don't see the time and effort we put into finding that perfect spot; they don't feel that rush as your target breaks through the tree line or the respect we have for the fallen game we take.

We are blessed to be able to experience all these things and more that non-hunters and outdoorsmen miss out on. This quick video from the 2016 KUIU Film Festival shows what it is all about and will leave you with a sense of pride for being able to stand alongside your fellow hunters.

This video truly inspired me to want to hunt harder than I do now and left me with a deep sense of pride for being an outdoorsmen.

While we may not always do so we need to remember to take the time during each outing to be thankful for being able to enjoy the great wonders of nature we have been blessed with.

We also need to take the time to make sure we pass down the tradition and passion of hunting to the next generation so that it will never die out. Even if you don't have children somewhere there is a youth dying to get out there. Find them and show them what you know and inspire them the way someone inspired you.


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'A Hunters Prayer' Explains Why We're Blessed to Be Hunters