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A Girl's Guide to Bass Fishing

Female Bass Fishing, bass fishing, girls who fish, bass fishing chicks

I turned to my wife, Tanya, for some expert advice on bass fishing as a woman.

If you are thinking of diving into the world of bass fishing, here are some tips. Fishing and other outdoor activities have been dominated by men in the past, but that is changing. Now, females across the country are seeing this as a fun pastime. My wife, Tanya, loved it so much that she now has her own boat and fishes tournaments on her own or with a female friend. She shares her thoughts on women and bass fishing for this guide. 

The Fish Don't Care

Female Bass Fishing, bass fishing, girls who fish, bass fishing chicks

When a lure is in the water, the bass have no idea who's on the other end of that line. That is the beauty of bass fishing; to the fish, it doesn't matter if you are male or female.

My wife uses this as a basis for everything and targets bass for the love of it and for the chance to be outdoors, or even compete against others.

"The great thing about fishing is you can do it with your spouse or by yourself," she adds.

Female Bass Fishing Gear

There are many fishing products designed specifically for women. Some prefer colorful pink and purple rods, but for Tanya, it comes down to performance and action.

"The colored rods may be what some prefer, but I decide on what works best for me no matter what color it is," she says. Her advice is to get what you like, but more importantly use what works for you and fits your skills and abilities.

Being Taken Seriously and Fishing Models

Female Bass Fishing, bass fishing, girls who fish, bass fishing chicks

One of the biggest struggles, according to my wife, is being taken seriously by male anglers. This likely occurs in many areas of life, but Tanya says it does happen in fishing and that social media has made it worse.

"There are girls in bikinis holding fish, and I know they didn't actually catch them; in fact, they are paid models," she says. She feels that if you can hold your own and catch fish, you should do it out of love for the sport and take pride in it.

"I wear makeup when I fish, but I also tied the knot, made the cast, set the hook and landed the big bass on my own. If you did all that while wearing a bikini, good for you--that's great, but it is not required!"

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A Girl's Guide to Bass Fishing