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Curious Grizzly Bear Pursues Hikers [VIDEO]

A curious grizzly bear pursues hikers after coming across them while in Glacier National Park, Montana.

Bears are curious animals by nature and will do their best to inspect odors, noises and objects in order to determine whether they are playable or edible. And it seems that this curious grizzly bear got excited when it came across a group of hikers on the Garden Wall Trail near Logan Pass.

Deciding to get a closer look, the grizzly gives chase, quickly reducing the distance between it and the hikers as they stand and watch its approach.

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Who knows whether the bear wanted to eat them or play with them, but throughout the video, the hikers remain calm under the potential threat of a chasing bear, which was the best thing they could have done to avoid inciting the bear to give chase again.

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Curious Grizzly Bear Pursues Hikers [VIDEO]