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A Couple Guys Paddle-Boarding on Top of Great Whites, No Big Deal

Brave or stupid? Either way the award goes to these two guys as they paddle-board inches from two great white sharks.

Apparently these two fellows didn’t see the movie Jaws growing up. Great white sharks are often the most feared finned animals on the planet. That didn’t stop these two from literally touching these beast with their paddle-boards.

The danger they put themselves in seems astronomical. Slip of the foot, sudden gust of wind, and a little lost balance and they could quickly become lunch.

I can only assume the sharks are thinking are you food, hmmm could be food, nah not today.

As you can see these aren’t just small sharks. This video is the definition of living on the edge. Crazy, dangerous, stupid…however you want to word it, these guys have some marbles.

As if being that close to sharks doesn’t scare you enough, watch and see just how close to the beach these sharks get. You can see people in the distance on the shore. It makes you wonder how close a shark has been to you before and you didn’t even know it.

Count your lucky stars gentleman, and be proud you got back home with all your arms and legs.

Pretty cool to see this interaction, but I will continue to let these guys get the footage.


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A Couple Guys Paddle-Boarding on Top of Great Whites, No Big Deal