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A Close Look at the Stevens Visible Loading .22 Rifle

We just love .22 caliber rifles, inside and out.

This vintage Stevens Visible Loading Rifle is nothing like you have ever witnessed before.

Watch this video and get a close up look at the .22 rifle.

J. Stevens Arm and Tool Company of Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts, back around century ago, had quite an interesting little .22 rifle. The Stevens Visible Loading Rifle was originally patented by Edward Redfield. There were over 300,000 of these slick pump action .22 rifles produced before production ceased.

This rifle was one of the early tube magazine .22 rifles we are so familiar with today. It’s visible loading feature allowed the shooter to actually see the loaded cartridge before it was chambered from the magazine. No guessing what style bullet was going into the chamber then.



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A Close Look at the Stevens Visible Loading .22 Rifle