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A Closer Look at the Techno Arms Mag-7 Shotgun

The Techno Arms Mag-7 shotgun is one very unique weapon.

Ian of Forgotten Weapons shows us all about this odd shotgun.

Watch this video and learn all about the Techno Arms Mag-7 shotgun.

The Techno Arms Mag-7 shotgun is quite an interesting weapon. Made in South Africa, these shotguns were imported to the United States back in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

This shotgun is quite large and resembles a super-sized Uzi submachine gun. It is actually a pump action shotgun. It was originally made smaller with no stock or a folding stock for concealment. The box magazine actually is housed in the grip itself. The odd sized short 12 gauge shotshells are not your ordinary 2.75″ length shells.

Learn more about the odd Techno Arms Mag-7 shotgun by watching this video by Ian of Forgotten Weapons.



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A Closer Look at the Techno Arms Mag-7 Shotgun