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9mm Hi Point Parody Hilariously Tests out an Urban Legend


This Hi Point parody hilariously tests out an urban legend using a ballistics gel block and a sense of humor

Gun owners can be particular about name brands and the functionality of their weapons. Some are more notorious for malfunctioning or being difficult at times. Some calibers are better suited for different uses, and the 9mm tends to get a bad rap for being a bit of a cap gun, lacking the same penetration power as higher calibers. Some might even say that a 9mm will “bounce right off” in most shooting situations.

The fact is that it’s simply a lighter weight handgun that is easier shoot for lesser experienced gun owners. It might lack the same firepower as it’s superior counterparts, but each tool serves it’s own purpose, and the 9mm might be a Prius to the Tundra, but they’ll both get you where you need to be. For the most part, we tend to let our frustrations get the better of us and say things like “Well, this barely does any damage at all. It would probably do more damage if you just threw it at the target!”

The Everyday No Days Off Gun Blog decided to actually put this theory to the test, by literally throwing a hi point 9mm at a ballistics gel block. “I guess that’s what they mean when they say that a 9mm will just bounce right off.” Big surprise, the 9mm didn’t get much penetration.

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9mm Hi Point Parody Hilariously Tests out an Urban Legend