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Wearable Shelter 3-In-1 Jacket Prototype is Low-Cost Design

Necessity is the mother of invention, proven by the creation of the wearable shelter. 

A prototype coat that can transform into either a tent or sleeping bag was designed recently by students at the London Royal College of Art. This wearable shelter is meant to be a life-saving solution to not only the current refugee crisis in the world, but also a solution for outdoor adventurers alike.

"The wearable shelter is made from Tyvek, a material that is tough and durable enough to withstand tears...[while also being] waterproof but breathable." The transition from a jacket to wearable shelter maintains the body heat of the person inside, which guarantees warmth.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign video promotion below to learn more specifically about it.

While not a permanent solution, the wearable shelter has been designed with travel in mind and through three folding positions, it moves from jacket to tent to sleeping bag. The prototype is still being created, but the design students are hopeful that it will make a different through its "low-cost, charity-focused design."

The students will hold a field test this summer so hopefully it could be distributed among refugees before the end of the summer. This kind of innovation is not only a step toward lower-cost outdoor materials, but also comes a place of social good.


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Wearable Shelter 3-In-1 Jacket Prototype is Low-Cost Design