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Florida Eaglet Rescued After Fishing Line Tethers Him to Nest


Emergency workers saved the day in Florida during this eaglet rescue. 

The infant, 12-day-old baby eagle was taken to a clinic near Sanibel, Florida after researchers noticed that it was tangled in fishing line and unable to leave the nest.

An adult pair of eagles in Florida are currently being broadcasted live during nesting season so that the world can partake in the joy of eaglets. Thankfully, this eaglet rescue was the direct result of having those cameras nearby.

The eaglet is expected to recover brilliantly, though his foot was swollen where the line wrapped around his tiny eaglet leg. The fishing line could have caused real damage had it not been treated so swiftly.

The rescuers believe that it’s possible the fishing line came from a fish snack that the parent eagles brought home, but the real problem is that fishing line doesn’t decay so it’s a true danger to wildlife.

Let this be a reminder to all anglers to leave the oceans, rivers, creeks, and streams exactly how you arrived: free of fishing line, lure, and trash. In the name of conservation, we have to uphold the highest standards.


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Florida Eaglet Rescued After Fishing Line Tethers Him to Nest