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Can You Guess What the New Tennessee State Rifle Will Be?

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Recently lawmakers discussed the options for the new Tennessee state rifle, selecting the Barrett Model M82/M107.

The Barrett Model M82/M107 was approved in the Tennessee House in 2015, and in 2016, it was unanimously approved by the Tennessee Senate, making it the Tennessee state rifle.

Sponsored by Rep. Micah Van Huss, "a Marine veteran who carried the weapon during a tour of duty in Iraq," the rifle is seen as a symbol of American safety and security. Though it is known as the 'sniper rifle,' it's most important trademark is that it has continually saved the lives of countless humans, Americans and beyond.

The official resolution declaring it the Tennessee state rifle is "on the [Tennessee] Senate's consent calendar - a list of noncontroversial measures approved without discussion."

One of the objections raised in selecting a state rifle, however, dealt with the rifle of choice. As Beretta, Inc. recently relocated to Clarksville, Tenn., some representatives felt that it was tricky to endorse one brand over the other.

However, this was solved because it was decided that Beretta "is better known for its pistols and shotguns." In addition, it's possible that the state may adopt an official pistol eventually.

Congratulations on landing an official state rifle, Tennessee! If you're from the state, are you proud of this choice?


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Can You Guess What the New Tennessee State Rifle Will Be?