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You Won’t Believe The Size of This Ice Fishing Haul

Need some inspiration to grab your ice fishing rod this weekend? This monster ice fishing haul should do it. 

Every year, those lakers just get fatter and fatter. For us anglers, it also means they’re so much more fun to catch, especially the monsters that are almost to heavy to pull up in our ice fishing haul.

Watch these two guys pull this monster laker through the ice and start dreaming of your next trip out to the lake yourself.

The laugh at the end of the video is just the sound of pure delight. I’d be laughing like that too if it was my beastly catch.

The real question here is what kind of bait are they using? Whatever it is, that live action tail looked like an actual fish in the mouth of the monster when they pulled it through the ice.

Have you had some incredible ice fishing hauls so far this year? We’d love to see them on our Facebook!


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You Won’t Believe The Size of This Ice Fishing Haul