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93-Year-Old West Virginia Hunter Will Inspire You to Go Outdoors

WV Gazette

This 93-year-old West Virginia hunter doesn't let his age prevent him from enjoying hunting.

Robert Epler, 93, of Roane County, West Virginia still actively hunts in the Mountain State despite being in his 90s.

"I've always loved to get out and just walk in the woods," said Epler, a Wirt County native who now lives in the little Roane County town of Reedy. "I went along on hunting trips even before I was old enough to carry a gun...I coon hunted well up into my 80s," he told the Charleston Gazette-Mail. "I only quit when I lost my dog."

Epler also told the publication that he miraculously hasn't suffered any hunting injuries.

"The only time I ever hurt myself was when I was watching a football game on TV," he recalled. "I went out into the backyard to stretch a little bit and ended up breaking my ankle. Imagine that; after running these hills for all those years, I get hurt in my own backyard."

Mr. Epler continues to hunt with his son, Robert Jr., and with friends, though he often chooses to hunt alone.

"Some friends and I have a 975-acre hunting lease in Wirt County," he said. "When I feel like hunting, I drive up there, park the car, put my gun on my shoulder and walk wherever I need to go."

Epler is the not the only senior citizen to enjoy hunting. In fact, this 102-year-old Virginia hunter still enjoys hunting, also. There must be something in the water there.

Why should age prevent someone from enjoying their favorite pastime? As long as they are healthy, trained, and in good spirits, the elderly should continue to pursue their passions--especially hunting. We can all appreciate this heartwarming story. May Mr. Epler continue to lead an active life full of hunting!


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93-Year-Old West Virginia Hunter Will Inspire You to Go Outdoors